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Trying Epsom Salt to Recover a Old Battery

I tried Epsom Salt in a couple of old batteries to try to recover them. They are about the same as when I started, very easy to charge and discharges quickly, even after a day or two of charging. I used the heated distilled water with salt method and removed some...

DIY Candle Luminaries with Epsom Salts

This is a cute idea to give as a gift or to spruce up a plain jar. You can also spray a sealer at the end to make sure it sticks. Hope you enjoy and try it out yourself! 🙂 follow me at: amenaphenomena.tumblr.comRelated Blogs

Quicktip4-Epsom Salt

Epsom salt! Try it! find me on the following: swagbucks (2 earn free stuff)- I bought this product with my own $. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, just a fan!Related Blogs

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