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Seven ways to declutter your life and clear your mind

Clear up the ‘floordrobe’, throw away your conference freebies – and dump any clothes you wouldn’t want your ex to see you inImagine the point in the future when you have just died, and your relatives arrive to clean out your house. What will they want and what will...

School trip made me a veggie for life | Brief letters

Visiting abattoirs | Frances Ryan | Healthy sperm | Economics | School skirts | Body odourWhen I was at grammar school over 50 years ago, the fifth form was taken to visit an abattoir on a school trip (Why children should visit abattoirs, 4 July). I’ve been vegetarian...

Gel, wand, belly, ultrasound: the moment life as I knew it ended

When I saw the obstetrician’s face, hope receded. She tried to find a heartbeat but there was no heartbeat in my body but my ownIt’s late 2001 and Crown Princess Masako of Japan is having a baby. Her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, is heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne,...
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