School trip made me a veggie for life | Brief letters

Visiting abattoirs | Frances Ryan | Healthy sperm | Economics | School skirts | Body odour When I was at grammar school over 50 years ago, the fifth form was taken to visit an abattoir on a school trip (Why children should visit abattoirs, 4 July). I’ve been...

Gel, wand, belly, ultrasound: the moment life as I knew it ended

When I saw the obstetrician’s face, hope receded. She tried to find a heartbeat but there was no heartbeat in my body but my own It’s late 2001 and Crown Princess Masako of Japan is having a baby. Her husband, Crown Prince Naruhito, is heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne,...

I feel too unattractive to have the sex life I dream about

As a gay man, I have major body image issues that are holding me back from having the satisfying sexual experiences I seek I’m a 28-year-old gay male who has never had satisfying sex and fear I never will. I struggled with acne into my early twenties and still have...
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