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I feel like this year God is challenging my faith… The reason being.. A lot has happened over this past summer… My mom has been diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer… My grandmother (my mom’s side) passed away this June. Not to mention, my two ex-Christian...

yoga classes for a 13 year old?

i wanted to take yoga classes with a friend or two just as another activity, to loose any stress, and to meet new people. but my mom says i should look into it when im older? do 13 year olds usually take yoga classes? Related Blogs

tai chi or yoga classes in inland empire area?

My mom is interested in taking tai chi or yoga classes. Anyone got any places she can go for this in the inland empire area?? Related BlogsA review of Authentic Tai Chi – My Let's Break 80 Golf JournalChoose Costa Rica For Yoga Practice | 9to6 BlogInland...

Can aromatherapy work even if you can't smell?

My mom had a head injury a while back that resulted in her not being able to smell very well. Would she be able to get any benefits from aromatherapy if she can’t smell it? For instance, Lavender can help with depression. Would it help even if she can’t...

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