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10 wellbeing retreats for 2014

Yoga and massage classes in India, pilates at a Spanish finca or a pay-what-you-can meditation retreat in Devon – take your pick from our list of breaks to rejuvenate your mind and bodyCan Amonita, IbizaThis six-room, white-washed modern finca overlooking the San...

5 Great Body-Mind-Spirit Summer Retreats

summerretreats. Vacations are great for the body-mind-spirit because they allow you to regroup, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Breaks in your every day routine also allow you to create more …Related Blogs

Vipassana meditation retreats: enjoy the silence

For me, 10 days of monastic living, deep meditation and not uttering a word to anyone is the ultimate in emotional cleansingThere’s this thing I do, every now and then. I will step away from the comforts of my life: my spouse and child, my home and dog. I pack a...

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