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Law Of Attraction: Wake Up Session (Caffeine Replacement)

This session uses a simple 18 Hz (Beta) stimulus as well as a tone with a slowly increasing pitch, to wake and energize the listener. In addition the positive auto-suggestions are designed to increase self awareness. If you like what you hear let us know.Related...

Law of Attraction & EFT Tapping DVD’s

New DVD’s… David Childerley is a broadcaster, film maker and personal performance coach from the UK who has inspired over 10 million viewers on YouTube and is the one of the most viewed personal performance coaches online.Related Blogs

James Allen and the Law of Attraction

James Allen summarizes the essence of the Law of Attraction in his classic book, As A Man Thinketh — cited by many authors as the single most important book about “The Secret” ever written.Related Blogs

Perfect Day Meditation – Law of attraction – Affirmation!

There is nothing better than to start your day on a positive way. This Perfect day meditation, helps you to feel refreshed positive and ready to start on this new day. This meditations is from: Benefits of this meditation: * Powerful affirmation *...
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