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DIY Candle Luminaries with Epsom Salts

This is a cute idea to give as a gift or to spruce up a plain jar. You can also spray a sealer at the end to make sure it sticks. Hope you enjoy and try it out yourself! 🙂 follow me at: amenaphenomena.tumblr.comRelated Blogs

Save a Car battery with Epsom Salt

I put 3 Tablespoons Magnesium Sulfate(epsom salt) into 1/2 cup Distilled Water and divide it into the 6 battery cells. Start with 200 ca and 12.20 volts 1 day later 250 ca and 12.25 volts 1.5 weeks later 450 ca and 12.40 volts I tested it a month and a half later and...

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