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Turn Your Face to the Sun… | Body Mind Spirit GUIDE

by Ellen Livingston One day ten years ago, newly on my own with three small children, no real income and a lot of angst, I came across a beautiful page in a magazine. It was so compelling to me that I tore out the page and …Related Blogs

Epsom Salt Test Into The Ground!

So the Epson Salt plant wins in my mind. What do you think? I planted a Sun Rose Tomato in the middle of the 2 Beefsteaks. These are the last of the tomatoes I’m planting for now.Related BlogsTomatoes rhyme with gazpacho | La Tartine GourmandeA Tale of Two...

Dead Sea Bath Salts This weekend I was grocery shopping and out of the corner of my eye I caught the bath salts sitting on the shelf. I’ve been wanting to try these for sometime so I picked up the lavender scented one. The salts are very rich in magnesium...

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