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Where can I take Yoga classes in Cairo?

and is it too expensive? Does the Indian culture center give classes? Plz anything but Samya Alouba!! Thanks in Advance! ; ] Thanks a bunch. Thats really helpful! Related Blogs

Beginner: Running (sprints) to improve fitness for sparring?

okay i do jujitsu & silat (martial arts) we’ve been told to improve our duration on the mats we need to do sprints combined with a bit of weights. our instructor said sprints only (im guessing he wants more explosive power then long term jogging) long story...

Fitness and toning for a pointe dancer?

Ok, so I dance jazz, lyrical, broadway, and ballet. Because dance slows down for me in the summer, I have put on a couple unwanted pounds and lost some of my muscle tone. I was put on pointe in May, so I’m fairly new to it still. Are there any good exercises to...

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