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Yoga classes?

i will start a yoga class is there anything special that i should know? what should i bring to the class? what are the first things that i will learn? and I’m not that much flexiable, does create any problem? and last how will yoa affect my body and how long...

yoga classes?

Because of my busy busy schedule I can only find one yoga class a week that I can fit in to. I have changed my eating habits and do get cardio in when I can. Will this yoga class be benificial at all to me? Related Blogs

Are men in Yoga classes rare?

I have recently started doing a 45 minute Yoga excercise routine at home once per week, using my wife’s Yoga video on the TV. I love how it calms me down and gets rid of all my stress and anxiety and seems to make me more fit and muscular. I want to take the...

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