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Recent research showed that young women are feeling more stressed than men, so we asked you for your best tips to help

How women experience stress: what the research tells us

After a study by the American Psychological Association revealed that young women are feeling more work-related stress than men, we asked Guardian readers for tips on how they cope. In one week, nearly 80 women came forward with stories about how stress has affected everything from their relationships to their physical health, and pretty much everyone had a useful coping mechanism they had discovered along the way.

We shared a few of our readers’ responses in this piece, but we received so many good tips on dealing with stress that we thought we’d publish a few more. If you’re at work, looking for work or at home right now trying not to think about work, give these suggestions a read-through and then tell us what’s been missed in the comments. We’ll add your suggestions to the post.


Running. Running gives me long-term goals for improvement, which helps with the pessimism I have for my future.

– Kate, Austin, TX, works in banking

I walk during lunch. Just getting outside helps! I try to multi-task in positive ways as well, such as cooking healthy meals every night and running errands on foot

– Adiana, Portland, OR, education

I usually bike to work (12 miles round trip every day) saves money and I enjoy it. It sometimes help me eat better, I think, since exercise makes me feel more full.

– Emily, Minneapolis, arts

I recently began doing yoga classes and I was surprised to learn how much tension and stress I was holding in my body.

– Ana, Chicago, research

I work out or I cry it out! The crying doesn’t happen all the time but when it does I always feel better, I also watch nature documentaries to put me to sleep.

– Rachel, Washington DC, hospitality

In order to manage stress I tend to work out at a gym and meditate. Without meditating I just ruminate in bed. A daily (full) glass of wine is also a coping mechanism, especially after dealing with a classroom full of undergraduates.

– Lauren, New York, education

Talking it out

I found that the best way to deal with stress is to stop internalizing everything. It’s hard not to, but it serves no purpose other than to bring you down even when the workday is over.

– Selina, New York, retail

The best advice I’ve ever gotten is to find people you can talk to

– Genna, Tampa, education

Every once in awhile, I realize I’ve become a workaholic hermit, I remind myself to reach out to my friends and go have dinner or see a movie or grab a drink and leave the Blackberry at home.

– Kay, Washington DC, communications

Talking to a friend who makes me laugh is the best way I’ve learned to reduce stress. Laughter is really the key.

– Maireills, New York, international affairs

Taking a break

Leaving work at work. My email comes to my phone but I don’t respond on weekends or evenings. I try to be as efficient as possible at work which allows me to have outside activities that help me de-stress

– J, Calgary, libraries

I’ve also learned to spread out my vacation time! Taking a five-day weekend every two or three months really helps

– Eli, Austin, social services

I use what free time I have to prepare for getting through my work week. If I make sure I have enough clean and ironed clothes and healthy lunch/snack options, everything else gets easier. It helps a lot if I just take care of myself well — and get enough alone-time at home rather than accepting every social invite that comes my way.

– Lucy, Boston

Massages work wonders. I get two per month. I realize this is quite a luxury but it’s worth it to me. I also volunteer regularly and this keeps me grounded on the world outside work and forces me to think of others instead of just feeling sorry for myself.

– Annie, Seattle, human resources

I was told by a friend to just take a moment, close my eyes and take deep breaths. It actually works.

– Eva, New York, banking

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